Downloadable Facilitation Tools

Here are some facilitation tools we have used to help our customers improve their agility.

Product Canvas

Another canvas? Not again. We work alot with Product Owners in corporations who develop product for internal use. We have searched and used many different canvases that are already existed however the majority of these canvases are for commercial product. So we created this canvas. We mainly use the Product canvas when working with corporations who develop products for internal use but it is quite suitable for products for commercial use too. The Product Canvas is a tool that we use to connect the business to the Scrum team. During our engagement, we have seen too many times how the Product Owners are disconnected from the overarching business goals and jump straight to product features / user stories without knowing how the product they own will impact the overall business. Even worse, when the product they own was not being used by their consumers. The main purpose from using this canvas is as a tool for alignment and transparency. Hopefully it can help you help your Product Owners too. Enjoy.

Suggested print size: A0 paper.

Downloadable file: PNG, PDF.