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Articles & Ideas for Continuous Improvements

We are passionate about helping our customers improve their current state of agility. We occassionally write our thoughts & ideas to help you improve your current state of agility. Here are our latest thoughts and ideas about agility.

Scrum Master is the Master of Coaching

Published at 2 February 2019 by Joshua Partogi
Coaching is one of the stance of the Scrum Master. Scrum Master is the master of coaching.

What is Scrum

Published at 9 January 2019 by Joshua Partogi
A brief explanation about the Scrum Framework according to Scrum Guide.

Upgrade your Sprint Planning, Gain Engagement from your Development Team

Published at 4 December 2018 by Joshua Partogi
Wasting a lot of time in your Sprint Planning? Change the way you perceive Sprint Planning.

Scrum Mastery is More Than Just Agile Coaching

Published at 30 June 2018 by Joshua Partogi
Does Scrum Master only knows about Scrum? Mastering Scrum is more than just Agile Coaching.

Scrum and DevOps

Published at 31 March 2018 by Joshua Partogi
Should you use Scrum or DevOps? Use both and reap benefits from both Scrum and DevOps.

Scrum And eXtreme Programming (XP)

Published at 17 March 2018 by Joshua Partogi
Scrum or eXtreme Programming (XP)? Why not use both to improve the quality of the software?