About Agility Path Pty Ltd.

The world has been decorated with too many agile terms, prescriptions and methodologies that often times makes people confused and quite often makes people resistant with agile. This confusion and resistance have made organisation lost sight of what agility really is. Agility is not a methodology. Agility is organisation's capability to turn new information into their competitive advantage. This requires patience, servant-leadership and continuous learning.

Agility Path Pty Ltd is a boutique Australian based training and coaching company focusing on improving organisation agility mainly using Scrum & Kanban. We have more than a decade of experience training and coaching organisations, mainly in Perth and South East Asia, to improve their state of agility. We use a holistic, evolutionary and metric driven approach to improve our customer's state of agility. Just like the principles in coaching we do not push and prescribe any certain agile practices or methodologies to our customers. We give our clients options to choose their own actions based on our Professional Agility metrics. Rather than copying other's model, we coach organisations to craft their own agile model. This leads to higher level of ownership at all level in the organisation which makes the transformation more sustainable.

Scrum.org Professional Training Network

Scrum.org is an international body that is dedicated to improving the profession of software delivery by leading the maturity and evolution of Scrum. found by the co-founder of Scrum, Ken Schwaber. Agility Path Pty Ltd is part of a worldwide Scrum.org Professional Scrum Training Network. To become a recognized member of the Scrum.org PTN program, Agility Path Pty Ltd surpassed strict requirements set by Scrum.org. Inconsistent training of the Scrum Framework often confuses Scrum teams and causes Scrum teams struggle to collaborate as they learn from trainers with different or inconsistent perception about Scrum. By becoming a member of the PTN, Agility Path Pty Ltd has proven to providing only the highest quality, most consistent and reliable Scrum training in the world.