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What is Agility

The only competitive advantage organisation have left in 21st century is agility.

Look at how your organisations delivering service or product and ask yourself this question: how long does it take from customer requests until the service or product is delivered to your customers?

Agility is not a software development methodology. Agility is organisation's speed of learning and speed of delivery to respond to market changes to maximize it's product or service value in the market while maintaining risks and quality at the same time. This requires whole organisation collaboration. To be agile, the whole company need to be pulled towards a single mission. To be agile, company need to tear down the barrier and focus on one thing that matter the most: constantly delivering value for customers faster .

How can we deliver value to you

At the end of the day agility is about value delivered. Here are some of the values we can deliver to you to help you on your journey towards agility and increase your agility to be competitive in the market.

1. Agility Coaching

Agility is not about software development methodology. It is a journey and there is no templated best practice to get there. We don't install methodology. With clear roadmap, we can help you transition to agility that fits to your organisation context.

2. Scrum & Kanban Training

Agility is requires the whole organisation to have the same understanding about it. We can help your organisation have shared understanding about agility and increase your organisation capability to be more agile.

3. Visual Facilitation

We've seen how most group meetings are productive and not agile. We can help your organisation make meetings interesting and get the most out of meetings by becoming your visual facilitator.

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Course Schedule

Professional Scrum Kanban Certification Course

Cliftons (Perth), Perth, Australia 27-28 Sep 2018

Scrum is a simple framework to help organisation delivers value. Together with Kanban, organisation using Scrum will be able to predict value delivery and also optimise the flow of value delivery. Professional Scrum Kanban (PSK) Certification Course from is an in-depth Scrum training that teaches you how to use Scrum with Kanban to optimise the flow of value delivery and to gain predictability in your product development.

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Why collaborate with Agility Path

Joshua Partogi


We are professional, what that means is we stand up for the right thing eventhough it may not be what you'd like to hear. We walk the talk and we do not sugarcoat the message so that you understand what it takes for your organisation to be agile.

Purpose Driven

We are not a profit driven company, we are a purpose driven company. We're willing to give up on short term profits to meet our purpose. We exist not only to help you to be agile but most importantly we exist to make workplaces become humane. This is what we are passionate about.

Clear Path to Agility

Agility is a journey. Training will not make organisation automatically become agile. We have worked with some of the largest corporations to move towards agility. By having a clear path we can help you to get there and help you maximize your investment for agility.

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Is your company ready to embark on a new journey towards Agility? We've helped some of the biggest name in the industry.
We're based in Perth, Australia, but we serve customers all over Asia Pacific. Engage us today.


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